How to Change Date/Time in Windows 10

The date and time you assign to your Windows 10 device not solely helps you retain track of your time, however it’s additionally what different apps and programs use to operate properly. whereas Windows ten will an honest job of mechanically maintaining each time and date, there is also cases once you need these modified.

This tutorial shows you how to change the date and time in Windows 10.

1. Open the Settings app, and click on the Time & Language option in the main panel.

2. Make sure that Date & time is selected on the left side.

3. On the right, you will see the toggle that says Set time automatically. Change it to turn off automatic time updates, and Windows will let you to change the time yourself.

4. Click the Change button under Change date and time.

5. Set the data and time as required, and these values will now be adjusted throughout the operating system to what you specify.