How to Change Date/Time in Windows 10

The date and time you assign to your Windows 10 device not solely helps you retain track of your time, however it’s additionally what different apps and programs use to operate properly. whereas Windows ten will an honest job of mechanically maintaining each time and date, there is also cases once you need these modified.

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Common file extensions

Have you ever faced a file on microsoft windows ? sure .. There are several file types. The file extensions describe each file and specify the type of it. For example Microsoft Word Documents takes the extension .DOC so that when you check the file you know that this is a Microsoft Word Document. What

What is an operating system ?

Software designed to control the hardware of a specific data-processing system whatever it is a personal computer a mobile device or even modern electronic devices at your home such as TVs Receiver. The software component of a computer system that is responsible for managing and coordinating all the activities and the  resources of the computer.